An Insomniacs Guide to Getting More Sleep

Although I am most creative at nighttime, I’m finding my Insomnia a little tiresome at the moment (pun not intended).

Recently, it’s been pretty bad. It used to be that I would fall asleep at around 2am. Now I’m closer to 4/5am with early starts of 7am on some days. This routine will repeat for days with me running on no sleep until I “catch up” at the weekend (which actually makes things worse but I need the sleep).

There are many reasons that I suffer from Insomnia and it’s been going on for a long, long time. Sometimes it’s worse than others but again I’m at the point where it affects my day-to-day life (especially with University and my Songwriting).

So, how can I aid my situation?

Well, I have a couple of saving graces that I use (that I haven’t been lately…whoops!) so I thought I’d share them with you and my sleepless brethren!
Now, they’re not cures (if they were I wouldn’t be in this position, haha) but they help me
when I really need some sleep.

  1. Exercise– Now I rarely exercise but it is a BIG help. A good workout during the day = A good sleep in the evening. Make sure to do it at least 4 hours before bedtime.
    (My exercise regime starts tomorrow so we’ll see if this still helps!)
  2. Crying- May sound silly but what are the two main things babies like to do?
    Cry and sleep. They sleep like logs from all that crying they do and I’m the same!
    If you’re not the emotional type then don’t worry, just stick on Hachi:A Dog’s Tale
    and see how you feel after that!
  3. Daylight– Now this is a strange one but it’s something that’s really helped me sleep. Just sitting out in the sun (or out of the house) for a while really helps me sleep at night. You can read a little bit about it here, but personally I found just being outdoors helped (I live in a flat and spend most of my time inside).

  4. Warm Milk– Well, soya milk in my case, but still a goody! Chamomile tea also helps some people.
  5. Toast/A Light Snack– What’s not to love about this one? (Except maybe the carbs in the toast..)
  6. Try Watching Old 80’s/90’s Movies- The key to this is that I’ve seen them before, so I’m not subconsciously anxious of the plot or what’s going to happen next (an experience that your subconscious will carry to bed and keep you awake with). Obviously avoid action films and to be honest, the crapper the film, the better!

  7. No Caffeine– Caffeine can stay in your bloodstream for up to 12 hours! There are also small amounts of it in chocolate and decaf tea/coffee, so be wary. You may have to go tired for a day with this one, but if it results in sleep then maybe it’s worth it.
  8. Earplugs– I am an incredible light sleeper and with a boyfriend that snores, these are a big help! I think if you live in the city this could be helpful as they allow you to switch off from all the hustle and bustle outside.
  9. Blackout Blinds/Curtains – Just like how I can’t stand any sound, i can’t stand any light either! It needs to be as black as Satan’s heart in my bedroom!

Now that’s all I can think of right now but you can view a few other suggestions here. Please remember that the ones above are personally what’s worked for me, but you may find something completely different for you! Personally, I’m hoping that my Hypnotherapy and Counselling will permanently solve this issue, but were gonna have to wait and see on that front!

However in the mean time, let me know what you think!
What helps you sleep? Has this post helped you at all?

I want to know!

Until Next Time!


15 thoughts on “An Insomniacs Guide to Getting More Sleep

    • KattStrike says:

      Thank you :D!

      Aww you gotta do the cat/mouse jokes! (You’re a mouse… Shouldn’t you like cheese? 😛 hahah)

      I’m glad I could help :D!
      Please lemme know if any worked for you Miss Mousey :3

      (Damn I can’t think of any jokes to end on… Haha!) x

  1. Katie says:

    My sleep movie is The ‘Burbs, true to your crappy 80’s philosophy. And sunlight really helps me sleep, but not in the way it helps you. For me it’s sleeping during the day, which means I’m skipping work, which brings me peaceful happy feelings. Either that, or I’m in a hammock. Zzzzzzzzzz

    • KattStrike says:

      I’m totally gonna check the Burbs out 😀 haha!
      Yeah, I actually sleep during the day too. It makes me feel safer and much more calm
      (but it’s a bad habit I’m trying to improve. Of course I say this wide awwake at 1am hahah)!

      And of course skipping work would make anyone happy! he he he!

      I may have to add hammock to the list 😉 Thanks Katie!

      • Katie says:

        I shouldn’t have to tell you this, because you look like a way more experienced blogger than I am, but in order to fall asleep, you gotta stop blogging and close your eyes. I know, I know….shocking. But true. I’m sending happy-warm-fuzzy sleepy thoughts your way, but because of the distance they may take awhile to get there.

        Hammock disclaimer: best experienced with a fluffy doggie and herd of kittens. Just saying.

  2. KattStrike says:

    Aww thanks! but I’m not experienced at all! (this blog is under a week old! haha)

    I know, I know, you’re so right! And thank you for the fuzzyness :3
    I think it will reach me soon! he he!

    I just have intense trouble with sleep and I have for about 5+ years (I’ve got a post lined up about why…but that’s to come 😉 )
    My mind is so busy aswell, so I think I may take my own advice, watch a shitty movie and enjoy these fuzzy feelings! hahaha!

    That way I can be up early to find a herd of fuzzy kittens ;D

  3. Mercy Desdemona says:

    I am a fellow insomniac and I must say that I ditched that term and become a strong night owl. I’m more creative, I feel more alive, and I accomplish so many things in my night travels. When I’m awake during the day I can’t accomplish anything, I’m depressive and I don’t feel content at all. For some reason, being a night owl is what I’m supposed to be. But, I must take Vitamin D tablets for my lack of sun. 🙂 Loved this post.

  4. Sean Smith says:

    I like how almost all the comments on this were made in the early hours of the morning, suppose it fits with the topic. Tried the water thing and now I just have a cold and soggy face 😦

  5. sarafina314 says:

    Im an insomniac too and have been since I was about 14. Just recently though I have been fighting a winning battle agains my insomnia. The thing that I found that worked for me was a regular waking time, and as hard as it sounds getting out of bed as soon as you wake in the morning. Before this it would take me 3 or 4 attempts to get up in the morning each time falling asleep then having to wake up again, and then on the weekends like you said I would ‘catch-up’ on all my sleep. But now I have set myself a regular waking time (for me it’s 7am because I will have to wake up then when school starts) and I am getting out of bed as soon as I wake up and getting up at this time even on the weekends. I think the reason that it has been working is because when you don’t have a regular waking time your body doesn’t tell you that you tired in the night because it knows that you will just catch up on your sleep that morning or on the weekend. But with a regular waking time everyday your body has to adjust itself to tell you that your tired in the night because thats the only time thats flexible in your sleep that you can use to get enough sleep or to catch-up on sleep.

    I like your tip on exercise too and the one on crying… it makes sense… I think :/

    😛 Great post, Thanks!

    • KattStrike says:

      You know Sarafina, I think you’re right!
      It’s just so hard to force yourself up though isn’t it? And quite often I find that I’ll force myself up and still get no sleep that night.
      This has happened a couple of times for a few days in a row until I just give in whilst in zombie-mode!
      I think one big problem is that I only have to be up early once a week and this mucks up my body-clock.

      But I’m gonna give this a try 😀
      Thank you for the tip and thank your for reading my post!

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