Things to do with your Boyfriend that Don’t Involve Money or Sex

So you’ve got no money but want to spend some quality time with your spouse/lover/partner/ect but you have no idea what to do!?

I myself have been in the same situation as of late, so I’ve compiled a list (with the help of a few friends) to help you get some excitement that’s not in DVD, monetary or sexual format.

(There’s nothing wrong with DVDs, it’s just far to easy to rely on them every night and I know that everyone loves sex but some of us live with family/are tired/insert excuse here ).

So here you go!

1. Slightly-Different Monopoly
So a good friend of mine told me this one as she made up the slightly different rules.
(These are so the game doesn’t last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr!)
These are the rules:

You only play until one of you has £6000 in cash (no remortgaging)
You get £400 at go instead of £200
You play for a big prize to make things interesting
(So maybe a big Easter egg as Easters coming up…)
There’s a little prize on GO and Free Parking (Normally in chocolate form). The first person to land on one of these gets the prize.
You can only remortgage a property if you have no money.

The rest of the rules are basically the same. It still lasts a good 2 or so hours though,
but this is better than alllllllll night.

2. Cook a Meal Together
This is pretty straightforward. But make sure to do it from a cook-book to prevent any arguments and bickering… (both my bf and I are quite controlling as chefs hahahah!)

3. Play a Video-Game Together
This always good fun! We’ve been taking turns on Grand Theft Auto V as I’ve never completed it (but he has).
I mean, nothing says “I love you” more than mowing down a prostitute with your car for petty cash…

4. Share a Hobby Together

We both want to work in the Music Industry and he likes producing my tracks and helping me with them. (Seriously, I can’t keep him away!)
I also taught him how to make candles which was pretty fun!
Even if it’s silly, find something you both enjoy doing and do it. You might surprise yourself at how much you actually enjoy it.

(I’m still trying to force him to knit but it’s not happening…)

5.Going Out for a Walk

For some reason, we talk more on walks.
Maybe it’s because the 3G signal isn’t quite as good, or maybe it’s because I’m holding his hand and he can’t use Facebook with just the other.
Either way, it’s nice.

6.Go through Facebook Together

I know this sounds weird but we all do it!
I mean I know you’re just dying to show him that mean girl that added you who was pretty in school but got pregnant, fat, lost her teeth and has a terrible fake tan in the shade of Nutella.

And in return he can show you the girl that his best mate snogged on holiday who they nicknamed “Snaggle-tooth”.
It’s a fun circle!
(Just stay away from exes or anything like that though…)

7.Make Life Collages Together

My mum used to get me to make a collage of everything I wanted in my life, and it works!
Subconsciously, you’re activating your brain to seek these things and obtain them (even without trying to).
It’s an artistic way to show your short-term (or long term…) goals and you get to learn more about what your other half wants in the process!
Alls you need is some old magazines, glue and some ambition!

Maybe hold back on pasting in that engagement ring you’re dying for though…

8.Have a Youtube-a-thon

We all have our favourite kitty videos,music videos, disgusting videos or funny videos, so why not sit together and show each other your favourites?
It’s impossible just to end up watching one video so you’ll end up finding new content together and you may end up having fun!
(We usually start with cat-compilations and go from there…)

9. Small-time Gambling

You could play poker or you could do what my sister does and watch a video (on Youtube or whatever) and bet the outcome.
Her and her boyfriend do it for everything. It’s how they settle many a petty argument (Once they were arguing about the phrase; “Like a Bull in a China Shop” hahaha).
Usually they bet dinner or something cheap as it adds to the stakes of potentially being wrong.

10.Teach Each Other Something

This can be ANYTHING!

My boyfriend loves wrestling and he once demonstrated the choker hold on me. I can’t say it’s the most romantic thing he’s ever done, but it certainly was different!
An important part of a relationship is growing together and this is a great (and fun) way to do so.
Perhaps you could even learn something new together?
Like a new language, so that you can talk about other people in front of them, perhaps?


Anyway, if you do try them, let me know what you think!
I’m always trying to think of new things to do with my other-half so if you have any suggestions, go ahead!

Until Next Time!

Header Image courtesy of Brooke Cagle via Unsplash


5 thoughts on “Things to do with your Boyfriend that Don’t Involve Money or Sex

  1. Lori Sorrels says:

    Thank you so much for these ideas.. my bf is a tattoo artist and I have no drawing talent what so ever. he has mentioned many times about showing me how to draw something simply and I usually just blow him off. But I did finally ask him to show me how to draw something and he did..He was so happy to show me and I was excited to learn that I can actually draw something. So thank you

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