15 Places to Go With Your Boyfriend With No Money

Seeing as my post Things to Do With Your Boyfriend That Don’t Involve Money or Sex, was so popular, I decided to do another post on a similar subject!Of course, it’s difficult to answer because everywhere is different and some places have free events where others do not, but anyway!
Here is my list of places to visit with your boyfriend with no money!

I hope you find it helpful, please let me know what you think and if you have anything to add stick it at the bottom and I’ll try to include it ;)!

1.To the Play Park
Kind of obvious, but this is so much fun!
I’ve done this a few times lately with friends and boy was it great!

Go for a nice walk there, push each other in the swings and just have fun. Nothing binds a relationship like laughter so go for it!

2.Local Museum/Art Gallery
Get a little culture up in yo’ grill!
Orrrrr you could go and make (quiet) fun of the exhibitions…

Either way, it’s free and sometimes they have free things in there to take too!

3.Go window shopping
Today I danced down the wallpaper aisle at B&Q singing; “Look at all this wallpaper I can’t afford!” I then proceeded to help myself to wallpaper samples I never intend to buy and continued to browse the shop.

Exercise and a souvenir!

You  could just go for a walk through the shops picking out things you’d like to own one day (or hint at Christmas presents) and who knows, you may get some entertainment too like people fighting in your local Iceland’s over literally nothing ?

(Like what happened to me two days ago, haaaa!)

It’s a nice way to get to know each other!

4.Television Audience Tickets
There are loads of sites you can register with to go see TV shows for free (just google it!)I haven’t done this yet, but I’ve heard it’s so much fun!

Plus you could end up being in the background of your favourite TV show!
(How awesome would that be!?)

5.The £1 gift challenge.
These days there are so many places that sell things cheaply. The aim of the game is to find a small gift for each other for £1. It could be food, a terrible toy or just something that you think will make them laugh.

It’s a good way to spend lots of time with minimum money!

6.Poor-mans Picnic
Make some sandwhiches or food that you have at home, (or buy something cheap), grab a blanket and go sit in a park, meadow or whatever takes your fancy.

Voila! A little picnic for you both.

I mean who doesn’t love eating and conversation?

The Local Pet Shop
Stroll up in that joint hand-in-hand and pretend that place is a motherfuckin’ zoo!
You could take a look at all the little animals, give them little names and maybe pick out a species that you’d like to own when you have your own place?

Or you could do what I do and spend ages in the reduced section contemplating what to buy for pets you don’t even own…

8.Supermarket Cafe
Okay, it’s not free, but it’s cheap.
I know it’s far from swanky with all the old people in there for their morning coffee, but Starbucks is fuckin’ expensive!

Plus they don’t tend to kick you out for hanging around in there for too long…

Go to the library
Man, if I didn’t owe so much in fines to the library, I would be straight there!

(I’m sorry Library…)

It’s such a quiet and peaceful setting and the two of you could read together, find a new hobby in the books or even rent a cheap movie from there!

10.Find and Explore Abandoned Buildings Together.
This one is for the adventurous!
Google them, ask your friends for locations, take your little picnic and go exploring!I used to love doing this as a kid, but imagine doing this with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Oh la la!

(Just don’t stumble into no hobo den…)

Play Pool at the Pub.
My sister insists upon this one, as it’s cheap (if you refrain from spending loads on drinks!) and takes up a lot of time.

You could place a bet and the loser has to buy you both drinks, or the next round of pool…

12.Go Charity Shopping together.
There’s nothing I love more than a good rummage!
Old board games, toys, garish clothes, all can be marvelled at (or made fun of) in the charity shop.

(I mean some sell used underwear…how could you not laugh at that!?)

Plus it’s super cheap and you may actually find something you like in there!

13.Do a photo challenge together.
This is one which offers a little challenge, something to do and a memento of your relationship to keep.

You could make up your own photo challenge, tailored to your relationship (such as; place we first kissed, our favourite store, etc) or you could go here for a few ideas!

It could even become a “thing” and you could see how your relationship changes every year!


14.Visit a Friend.
Sometimes, it’s just nice to get out the house!
You could arrange to see a mutual friend, walk to theirs and have coffee and a chat together in the garden. It doesn’t cost anything, but it could be very rewarding seeing an old chum together.

(Especially if they have air conditioning and you don’t! Mwahaha!)

15. Stay Inside and Build a Blanket Fort!
Who said you have to go on dates to bond? Stay in and build a blanket fort or erect a tent in your livingroom and have a “camp out”!

You could use fairy lights as stars and read each other stories (how romantic!!!).

I once did and we watched scary movies from the fort, eating snacks and being all
uhh… campy.
It was great!

Annnnnnd that’s all I can think of right now!

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Until Next Time!




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